And We’re Home

All I can say about the Faith And Media Conference at Franciscan University is WOW. Getting to spend time with all those SQPN and other Catholic podcasters I email with all the time was great. And to meet listeners at the coffee house was amazing. We had some 45 people there, how cool was that? The talk that Susan and I gave on media and Catholic music was well received. There were a lot of questions, including a lot of questions about radio and licensing. That’s a question we need a good answer for. Artists should get paid, and radio stations should have a reasonable fee, not paying the same as a 24/7 music station. There is an opportunity out there for more music to be heard.

If I wasn’t large enough, they took so good care of us at FUS, I probably gained another 5 pounds. I went to hear the panel on Catholic radio, which included meeting one of my heroes, Michael Kriedler. The other talks I heard, including the one I helped give can be found on the FUS media website

Of the many things I learned this weekend is that all of Catholic media, new and old, print and video, radio and podcasting, need to come together to work on a common goal. The goal is not more eyes, nor is the goal more ad dollars, but the goal we all must have is bringing people closer to Christ. It may be in obvious or unobvious ways, but it must be done in love. It must be inviting, and it must build community, a community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

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