We’re All Servants, Right?

I hope this day brings you unending blessings of the Risen Christ!

This is my first post to, but instead of doing some long introduction to drive my ego, I’ll trust that anyone who’d like to know more about me can do some quick searching on the web.

Today, I’ll follow the Holy Spirit and tell you about who I’d like to be. A servant.

I’ll venture a guess that most of the readers here in this wonderful community love music. Some of you write, some of you play, some of you love to listen and share that love with others. We don’t always pay attention to it (mea culpa) but what’s turning the wheels in Catholic music is the Holy Spirit. It’s obvious that we have all attached ourselves to this niche, but it’s not just a common thread, there’s something more. Just like radio, CDs, podcasts, and streaming radio stations are a medium for our music, our music is a medium to share the love of Christ.

Now, I’d like to think that I’m more than a one-trick pony; but again, I’ve fallen short. I’m not spending enough time lately serving the poor, seeking out those who have been kicked around by this world, or even just offering my love. A good solid blinding-light-and-horse-ejection story would be compelling, but I’m just an ordinary guy. I got spoiled on affirmation and love for a while, then spent Lent whining about stuff that doesn’t matter anymore. My Easter blessings started with a good shot of humiliation and have now focused on my realization that it’s time to clean up by getting my hands dirty.

I still don’t know what that means entirely. Those of us in Youth Ministry are entering the serving season. We’re collecting forms and donations for mission trips, work camps, and parish cleanup days. Maybe there are children in our communities that could benefit from music lessons to keep them out of trouble this summer. Maybe our communities are already doing massive amounts of work to keep people out of the heat and fed and they just need us to be hands and feet (even with our delicate guitarist hands).

Maybe this resonates in your heart and you’re in a similar place. Maybe you’re someone in need of help: maybe you need a prayer, maybe you need to bounce an idea off of someone, or maybe you’ve always wondered how Catholics wind up in South Carolina. Let me be your servant. And wherever you are now, watch for blessings because they’re coming at you rapid fire.

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