Have a Conversation

Those of us who have ministries where we travel, perform, speak, or sing spend most of our time talking to people. It’s easy for us to forget that we need to talk with people as well.

Some of us maintain our best friendships inside ministry circles. We need to put a little more time into talking to our friends outside of ministry. Invite them out for coffee. Make it a regular event.

Others of us maintain the majority of our friendships outside ministry circles. Spend some time meeting and chatting with others in ministry. They like coffee (or tea) too!

In each case it helps to maintain relationships with people who share common interests, but push the limits a little bit to provide perspective. Interesting and consistent conversation will feed all parties.

Who can you connect (or reconnect) with today? Call (email, im, have-your-people-call-their-people) now and schedule a meet-up!

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