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Have you been keeping up with seminarian/musician Rob Galea? His new album, “What A Day,” sounds as strong as ever. I recently checked out his blog and found out that he will be performing a 40-minute set on a main stage during World Youth Day in Sydney! Congrats to Rob!

Interesting that I found this news on his blog. How many Catholic artists out there have blogs/MySpace/Facebook/YouTube profiles? The number seems to be growing by the day. Here are some fine examples I’ve taken notice of as unique and noteworthy:

Rob Galea on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Blogspot, and a fantastic main site.

Sarah Bauer ‘s beautiful site, featuring her vocations video series.

Ben Walther on his smartly-designed site, MySpace, and one of few artists taking advantage of VIRB.

Ryan Meyers Band and their monster MySpace page

The myth, the Matt, the legend, Matt Maher: on MySpace, but his main site blows my mind. Just on the first page, he’s got an email list, a YouTube video, links to his various social networking pages, a link to listen to the new Empty and Beautiful album in its entirety, tour dates, a merch link that teases you with a peak at the store’s contents, and a spiffy flash photo slideshow. Inside the site, there are the obligatory sections for any artist as well as buddy icons, banners, and wallpapers to download, along with a YouTube feed with tons of videos to watch. The man even has his own text messaging update club! Well-done, sir.

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