Cure for the Summertime Blues?

So what is the cure for the summertime blues? I know the cure for a fever is more cowbells, and if you look at me you know I never starve a cold. But then again, why would you get the summertime blues (unless of course you are a parent). I know work gets tougher because your mind is on vacation even when your timecard isn’t.

From a Catholic music standpoint, summer is a great time. There are concerts and conferences galore for you to take part in. This is the time for live music outdoors, in a tent, or in the air conditioned comfort of an auditorium. This is also a great time for worship, in front of our Lord with gentle music carrying us along for the journey.

So I’m raising an Inquisition question for Catholic Rockers – What are you going to do to cure the summertime Catholic Music blues? Call (206)333-1302, or email your answer. Let’s share and let people know where some of the best music can be heard for the summer.

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