Request System Fixed!

You have to love technology, just when you have it working, it proves you aren’t in charge. This site is not above it’s trials. Maybe you saw a few weeks ago that the blog didn’t appear on the front page. There was something with the RSS feeder I was using. It was working fine, then one day it just decided to stop working. Same thing goes for the radio request system. Someone somewhere out there on the web decided to make a small change, and the ripple effect was that you couldn’t request a song. I didn’t notice it until I went to do the last Catholic Rockers podcast. I go up to the radio page to gather the top 10 stats, and there isn’t any. Could it be no one is using the request feature? A few clicks later, I realize that it had stopped working. I finally chased it down, and it’s back. So please take advantage of programing the best in Catholic radio, the songs that you want to hear.

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