Another Chance to Make a Difference

Can you believe that summer is almost over? My son starts high school tomorrow! Wow, time flies by quick. But with school comes a chance to meet hundreds of new people, and more chances to change lives.

School is a perfect place to share your love of great Catholic music. Do you have a youth ministry you can tell about How about telling your classmates about podcasting and Catholic Rockers?

And this is a two way street. What can I do to help you use Catholic music to spread Christ and His church to the people you meet? Should we create new fliers, or are the fliers on our resource page good? What could help you share the word of our shows and website? And what could we do on the site to help you share your love of Christ?

It can be scary sometimes talking about your faith, but talk about a great song or band – now that’s easy. Why not mix the two. Let music be the tool you use to approach the subject of faith. Music is a great equalizer. I was recently talking to someone at work, a place you don’t usually talk about faith, and mentioned some new Christian music. They replied with their like of DC Talk (great group), boom, we’ve broken the ice and talking a bit about faith. How cool is that?

Let’s share ideas, how do we help each other reach out to our schools? Keep rockin’ for Christ.

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