Horray for Electricity!

Ice storm
10:30 pm on Thursday we were getting ready for bed, one of the boys was up in the shower, the other already in bed. The icy rain had just started, when all of the sudden – BOOM – and out go the lights. A transformer let go, and we were without power. After the running around finding flashlights, we figured we’d go to bed and the lights would be on by morning. It’s amazing how quiet things are when the power is out. We don’t think about the humming of the fridge, or the fans in the computers around the house. In the middle of the night, I could hear the cracking of branches, and the crash as they hit the ground. Sometimes a small crash, sometimes a loud thump.

Friday morning, look out the window to a beautiful site of ice on the trees, and the power line down in my driveway. In fact, 75% of my city was without power, and over half a million in MA/NH area. Luckily my sister was in the 25%, and we all moved over there on Friday night. All included my other sister, my parents, my grandmother and an aunt. They were so nice to help us out, and the boys all enjoyed playing together. The streets were covered in branches and wires. My oldest’s school is closed for the week. Lucky boy.

Power came back for us on Sunday night, and the internet was back on Monday night – and with that the return of Radio. We only lost a little bit of stuff in the fridge, and a few boxes in the garage got wet. Little by little we’re getting things cleaned up. God took care of us. Let’s just hope we don’t loose power again with another storm predicted for this week.

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