Who Are You?

I played bass for the band 1Body. We played in front of thousands in the New England region. We played schools and prisons (is that redundant?). We played for the Bishop, and men’s conferences. I still hear from people who took part in our Lenten missions we ran 5+ years ago. Sharing our stories, teaching, and singing our hearts out, we did it all.

And we sold 0 CDs. – yup, zip, zilch, nada.

Why, because the recordings we made were not very good. We didn’t have the time or money to record something of high quality. With only so much time, we worked hard on our live show. We focused on what we could do well, rather than doing a bunch of things so-so. We wanted to give unto God the best that we could bring. Was our ministry anything less because we didn’t have a CD, or we didn’t tour outside of New England, of course not. We did what we felt God had called us to do. We served faithfully. Did I want to be a rock star? Heck yes. Was I? Heck no. But now, I keep rockin’ for Christ.

Be the best you can be, because you are part of the body of Christ. Understand your calling, not someone elses calling. Share, play nice, continue to learn, and all those other great things you learned in kindergarten still apply. We are not called to be successful, just faithful.

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