Podcast pages getting updated

For our podcasts, I have been using for years. I save my media files at libsyn then I create the show notes there, and attach the media file. Then I use Feedburner for an XML link that everyone can link to.

Blogger has decided that it’s more trouble to allow blogs to be FTP’d to a private website, so they’ve come up with a new solution. They host the blogs, and we have to redirect them. It will have to do for now. It gives me work to do moving them over, and even more work trying to get the headers fixed, but it’s a workable solution.

If you have any trouble using the podcast pages, please let me know, and I will attempt to fix it.

I thought about just moving them to our wordpress blog, but I haven’t figured out how I would handle 3 different podcasts with one blog. “Three?”, you ask. Look for another blog post on that.

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