The Catholic Guy and Catholic Music

Sirius Radio

The producer of the Catholic Guy show featuring Lino Rulli contacted me about new Catholic music. Every couple of weeks they want to get samples of music based on different criteria. This weekend we were asked for Women of Catholic music. What clips did we send? You’ll have to tune in to find out. Personally I have had Sirius radio in my car for a few years now. The funny thing was someone broke into my old car, and stole the Sirius receiver (and nothing else). It’s funny because as you know it’s subscription based. The receiver cost me all of $10, plugged into the aux jack on my main radio. One quick call, they shut down that receiver, and held my account until I could go buy another $10 receiver, and they started my account right back up. Great support, simple to use, cheaper than my FiOS TV, and I’m in the car almost as much weekdays as I’m in front of a TV and both Sirius and FiOS have two Catholic channels. 🙂

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