Is Catholic Rock Dead?

Where have all the rockers gone? Once upon the time, there were email groups a buzz with musicians sharing ideas and looking for places to play, or recording tips. CDs would show up at our radio station weekly, where we could play them for the world to hear. Bands were trying to be heard, and wave the banner as Catholic artists.

Just a few years removed, all is quiet. Too quiet.

I just wonder if that’s bad, or maybe it’s good. How could it be good?

When I started, syndicated Christian radio had a policy, no Catholics on the air. We didn’t have a place to be heard in the major CCM markets, which was ironic seeing people like John Micheal Talbot helped start the whole CCM world. Then came the internet, and we had an inexpensive (but not free) way to help spread the music that some of knew was out there if you were willing to look.

But that’s changing, and that’s the good part. We see Matt Maher getting regular airplay on all the major Christian radio networks. I regularly hear him on Sirius radio as I drive to work. The walls are down, a Catholic can make it today.

It’s no longer a matter of being Catholic, but of being good. Really good. Matt has quality writing, recording and sound. A complete package. Now we need others to step up, go all out, and make their mark in Christan music.

Maybe Catholic Rock is dead because we are starting to show that it’s Christian Rock, and that will never die.

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 the founder of, one of the largest websites dedicated to contemporary Catholic music. He is a husband, father of two boys and was the bassist for the Catholic band 1Body. George also works as a software engineer.

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