New Request Pages

Radio Request pages updated
We’ve updated the radio request pages

 The first step in updating the site was to get a copy of the database working on the web server. Done, but not much to see there. Step two was to use that database to make easier to use request pages for Radio.  Go to CJBDirectory.aspx and you’ll see a list of all the artists in our playlist. When you choose an artist you’ll be sent to a page that shows what albums and what songs from those albums we have. From there you can put your request in for your favorite songs. Those get sent to our radio streaming system, and get added to the play queue. 

My next todo item is to try and get more information on those pages for you, and make it easier to find songs, to see styles and to learn a bit more about the artists.  And this is where I would like you to weigh in. What would make things easier for you, or your parish? What will bring you back?   Curious minds want to know.
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