New Artist – Liz Cotrupi

lizcotrupi I’ve been blessed to know Liz for many years. The first time I heard her sing in public was at a LifeTeen Mass. I was in a band with her dad, a great guitarist himself. We practiced in her basement, and she had sung with us many times, but that first time outside the basement, she blew us all away. Liz then began singing with Jon Niven, singing on his first CD. And now she has taken it up a whole notch, and has put out her first solo CD called “Unglued”, recorded at Innovation Studios with Mike Ofca.

I love the description of the CD on

Sounds like Brooke Fraser, Beyonce, and Sarah McLachlan having a tea party. Inspirational, soulful, comforting, and full of meaning to chew on.

I can’t wait to sit quietly with the CD and just chew on it.

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