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Recently, I was contacted by a representative of Cradle Concepts about adding Collin Raye to our musical offerings. Collin has been making music for years and is at it again. From the Cradle Concepts website about Collin …

At age 23, Collin Raye embraced God, His Church, and all the joy and heartache that lie ahead on his walk with Christ “in this life.” From his wife’s nine week coma after delivering their son, to the loss of his 10-year old granddaughter, 25 years later in 2010, Collin Raye had been challenged by the Will of God, and is still standing firm and committed to the Lord. His new release, His Love Remains, is a spiritual journey for Raye to express how his faith provided the foundation to his rock-solid personal inner strength. “My faith is the most important thing in my life,” says Collin. “I have always wanted to use my God-given musical talent to give something back to Him and the Church. I can’t tell you how excited I am to record a Spiritual-Inspirational CD that I hope and pray bring people closer to God and Heaven, and in some cases – bring people BACK TO GOD. I love these traditional Christian hymns and inspirational classics!”

His Love Remains re-releases a song that charted at #12 in 1996, “Love Remains.” This emotional acoustic version alters the final verse to “His Love Remains,” to emphasize God’s presence in our lives through the good times and the hurtful challenges and crosses that befall us all. There are two recently produced ballads as well, “Undefeated,” and “I Get What I Need,” a song that inspires us to embrace God’s Will, versus what we want or expect in life.

Collin Raye made his debut on the American country music scene in 1991 with the release of his debut album All I Can Be, which produced his first Number One hit in “Love, Me”. He became a signature voice on country music radio through the 1990’s, charting 16 #1 hits, and a total of 24 top ten songs. Raye has sold over 7 million albums and was nominated 10 times for the ACM or CMA’s country Male Vocalist of the Year Award. His work in the community and his dedication to others less fortunate earned him the Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2001, presented by another country megastar Clint Black.

Through this magnificent musical career, Collin Raye’s music epitomized family and goodness, a reflection of the man! While Raye is known primarily for his country pop ballads, he is also known for dealing with social issues in his material. One of his biggest #1 hits, “Little Rock” tells of a recovering alcoholic’s search for sobriety and a new beginning. “What if Jesus Comes Back Like That”, poses questions about the return of Jesus Christ in this modern world. And his upbeat smash, “I Think About You” is sung to his daughter as he defends the dignity and true virtue of women in a world filled with immodesty and worse.

In October, 2011, Raye blazes a trail into a new market with the release of His Love Remains. The record includes a duet with Nashville Christian recording artist, Marie Bellet and introduces Andrea Thomas, a graduate of Franciscan University in Ohio. This Religious/Inspirational CD presents a powerful combination of Collin’s new songs with traditional hymns including “Here I Am Lord”, “How Great Thou Art”, “Ave Maria”, “How Beautiful”, “Give Me Jesus”, “O Lord I Am Not Worthy”, “Amazing Grace”, “I Am the Bread of Life”, “Ode to Joy,” and “Were You There,” a Lenten classic for Christians.

“I understand the cross, and I have experienced His Joy,” Says Raye. “This CD tells my story.”

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