Adventures In Imperfect Living

I was floating around on Facebook, and CatholicTV posted they had Greg and Jennifer Willits on their talk show. My first thought was “They came to Boston, and I didn’t get a phone call?”.  Second thought was “I’ll have to watch”.  Didn’t matter why they were on, I was going to watch.

See, I first started talking with Greg about 5 years ago. Greg was my inspiration for starting podcasting. He had started the Rosary Army, and I was doing the radio station. We found out that we had more than our faith in common.  We became good friends over email, and have hung out a few time IRL.

So, they weren’t in Boston, they were on Skype. And they were discussing their new book “The Catholics Next Door, Adventures In Imperfect Living.” There’s nothing this energetic couple can’t do. 5 kids, a daily radio show on Sirius/XM, podcasters, videos like “That Catholic Show” (which is a must see) and now a book.  Here’s what they write on their website.

Are Greg and Jennifer Willits experts at Catholic living – perfect parents with the perfect Catholic family? Hardly; but they truly want to be, and that’s what The Catholics Next Door is all about.
The book chronicles the couple’s journey of faith through marriage, children, job changes, a headlong dive into Catholic new media – and everything in between.
If you’ve ever struggled with your Catholicism, the Willits have been there. If you’ve ever had questions, they have, too. If you’ve ever stumbled, the Willits know the feeling. And if you’ve ever been filled with the Holy Spirit and deeply in love with your Catholic Faith, they know how you feel.
All of us are on a journey toward a closer relationship with Christ, and The Catholics Next Door gives you an honest, intimate look into the Willits family journey.
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