Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. Can’t believe how fast time flies. This week coming up is the spring music for my son, then we go on vacation. Next month he graduates high school, and then starts college in the fall studying video game programming. ┬áNext thing you know, he’ll be done that too.

So like any day, I spent a little time playing with the radio station, trying to keep making progress. Found a few new things with our software update, that we might be able to do some live programming, and maybe trying my hand at being more of a DJ from time to time.

Then I went up to Facebook to check in. Friday while doing the Stations, I started to think about the Communion of Saints, and thought there must be sites committed to prayer in a social setting, and Facebook seems like a good place to start. From there I found this cool site called There are prayer petitions along with so, so much more. Daily readings, Saint of the Day, teachings, prayers and a bunch more that I still need to investigate. You have to love technology. But not too much – check out what Pope Benedict 16 said about technology in his recent Easter homily. Technology is the tool that can help lead us to Jesus, and sites like (and hopefully this site too) are designed to do just that.


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