A New Day for Steve Angrisano



Rejoice in God’s daily gifts with 9 soulful songs for, Liturgy, prayer service and personal devotion that praise our God—from sunrise to sunset.

Steve Angrisano, arguably one of the top music ministry leaders in Catholic music today, has a new CD called “A New Day”. It’s not just a CD, but an Enhanced CD, giving you

      • FREE chord sheets (guitar chords and lyrics)
      • FREE song lyrics for projection and printed worship aids (music reprint license available at
      • Instructional videos including suggested use, up-close demonstrations and live performances!

And for anyone who has heard Steve talk about the music he creates, you know how much he prayerfully chooses each word and though.  You need to check out this CD, and get a copy for your ministry, even if it’s only to minister to yourself.

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