What’s Your 2014 Music Resolution

BBTHave you seen those commercials with the guy and the 4 kids sitting around the table answering questions in their own little cute way? I don’t even remember what the commercials are for, which is  always a good sign for a product. But my point is, there is one of those where the kid talks about having a New Years Revolution.  Now I’m no good at Resolutions, but maybe I would be better suited to have a Catholic music Revolution for 2014.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a resurgent music scene? Seems like 5 years ago we had a lot going on. Well at least in my area. We had major Catholic music festivals, and state wide youth Masses. A lot of that is now gone. We are still very lucky to have Illuminate run by Ken Graff,  and Jon Niven’s Lift Ministries, both where music and Adoration come together.  But I’d like to see even more. And more venues for artists to play, and be supported by the community. And if we’re going to dream about our happy revolution, we would love to see much more of a community. Rock stars have fans, but we are a community where the musicians aren’t the one being worshiped.

So what’s your revolution for 2014? What would you like to see happen? and what are you going to do about it?

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 the founder of, one of the largest websites dedicated to contemporary Catholic music. He is a husband, father of two boys and was the bassist for the Catholic band 1Body. George also works as a software engineer.

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