“American Idol’s” Catholic Judging Panel

Idol judges

There is a great article by Tony Rossi on the blog about the “Supreme Court” of TV music competitions.The article  “American Idol’s” Catholic Judging Panel lays out the Catholic connection with all three judges.  These music competitions are TV staple for my wife, and by the end of the season she’s usually got me hooked too. But the more the panel fights, the less I like the show. The Voice panel loves to tease each other, making it one of my favorites. The Sing-Off was also tops around here. X-Factor and in the past, the Idol judges showed their dislike of each other, and that helped increase my dislike of those shows.

What is also very apparent in many of these shows is the faith of the contestants. From church choirs in the Sing-Off to singers belting out Christian classics on X-Factor, more of the singers on these shows are not afraid to sing about Christ, and you have to give a nod of the head to the shows for allowing them to do it.

Do you like these kind of shows? Which shows do you like?  And what singers from these shows have you followed? Share what you think of TV music competitions.

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