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1)  I just got back the final mixes of my new project “Arts + Humanity.”  It sounds great.  The pre-orders will be shipping within the next few weeks. I am also excited to announce that Stu G is featured on the track “Drown Us In Your Love.”  There is still time to donate $100 to support our ministry and get the new album before anyone else!



2) I will be teaming up with Author and Speaker Greg Wasinski again for the third straight year presenting Advent missions.  The feedback to this one-of-a-kind mission has been overwhelmingly positive.  Last year a participant responded “I thought Greg and Michael worked very well together. What a blessing that the Lord would bring them together. Greg was very engaging and Michael’s music was incredible. Thanks!”  Check out the video below and visit for more information.  Consider bringing us to your parish by contacting Libby Peterson, for more details.

Phil 4:13

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