I’m not dead yet!

I’m not dead yet!

So after some prayer, I have renewed radio for another year. We’ve been going for 15 years, and despite not having done too much with the station in a while, we remain in the top 10 stations on Live365 for Christian Rock, and Christian Rap. and just inside the top 50 for Praise/Worship (#46 today). So I made that decision and paid the bill first week of October. Then a Catholic wins the Dove Award for best songwriter and best song. Never thought I’d see that.
Last night I went to see the Dove winning Matt Maher in his Saints and Sinners tour. Blown away how he moved that place.

It all was a confirmation to me that I did the right thing, and that Catholic rock is not dead yet. Contemporary, hard, easy listening, rapped, or praised, the Word in song is alive and well, and still needs to be heard by the world.

So I’ll keep it going for year 16, hoping this little thing catches on, and people will understand more than asking me, “do you still do that little radio thing on the internet?” I can answer, “Why no! I do a LARGE radio thing on the internet. ”

So lets shake off the dust boys and girls (the dirt kind of dust, not Dust from Phatmass, don’t shake him off, we want him around) I’m going to continue to need your help. Let’s wake the sleeping giant.IMAG0215 (1)

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