The End of Radio?

On Feburary 1, 2016 Live365 turned off their servers and shut down the business. Due to changes in streaming costs based on law changes, it became too expensive for them to continue, and with it ended radio after 16 years of continuous streaming. Thousands of online radio stations stopped, with little hope of starting new someplace else. The costs have become outrageous for small radio stations to legally play music. Emphasis on legally. We have always believed in artists getting their share, even when what they get is such a small piece compared to the industry. Pirate radio will continue out there, but how could we call ourselves a faith based station and break the law to stream music? It’s not going to happen.

What will become of this site in the future, only time will tell.

Thank you for all the support over these many years. I hope we have been a blessing to you. I know you have been for me.

George Leite

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