(hanging out with Last Day and Ryan Meyers back in 2006)

As a software engineer and bass player for the band 1Body, I wanted to find a way my computer skills could  intersect with the music. Stumbling across CCAN (Contemporary Catholic Artists Network), who kept an impressive list of musicians, I got involved wanting to find a way to help add music to the lists. (This was back in 1998, so mp3’s weren’t an option).  That’s when started. In 1999 we started getting things ready for the radio station, and January 2000 we started streaming 24×7.

Starting the Catholic Rockers podcast in 2005, it was named the best music podcast in 2007 and 2008 at the PodCast Awards. Pretty cool, when you realize this was for all music genres, not just Christian music.

The podcasting has stopped for now, but the radio station is still going strong, entering it’s 16th year, streaming Catholic artists who spread the Word in song.

If you want to submit your music, you can contact george at, or use this address in dropbox to share music with us.

George.  (the one with a beard in the picture)

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